Rainbow baby may have health issues too 😔

I found out at my anatomy scan last time that my baby girl had a severe birth defect. I ended up losing her at 23 weeks. I am now pregnant with my rainbow baby. For the last 4 months, I have waited for my anatomy scan to find out if anything is wrong with baby. I had the early screening testing done at 12 weeks and everything came back negative and normal! I had my anatomy scan yesterday it seemed like everything was fine but when I had went to see the dr afterwards she still hadn’t received my report. I got a call last night that baby has 2 soft markers for Down syndrome or one of the trisomys (can’t remember which one) my dr wasnt overly concerned because of my tests earlier that she stated were “very negative” and these soft markers that they made note of can usually be pretty normal. If my baby has Down sydrome, i will still love her just as much and am more than willing to face the challenges but I’m terrified it could

Be much worse 😔 now I have to wait at least 3 weeks to get all of the results back to find out what’s really going on 😔 so heartbroken. I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious but am having such a hard time staying positive due to my history 😔 has anyone else had a couple soft markers at their anatomy scan? If so what was your experience like and the end result? Thank you in advance