Baby won’t take a bottle


I exclusively breast feed and was advised by my lactation consultant to not introduce a bottle until 4 weeks, which I did and he took to the bottle really well! Since he did so well every time we gave one, I didn’t continuously give him bottles, only here or there if I was away from him. It’s been a little bit of time since he’s had a bottle and my sister in law watched him Friday while I was getting my hair done and he refused the bottle, he makes a disgusted face and won’t drink! (I know for next baby to keep giving a bottle so they will still accept a bottle) me and my husband have been trying all weekend to get him to take a bottle and it’s not going too well. Any suggestions of how to reintroduce the bottle? He seems to do best with the Dr. Browns bottles and I got him to drink 1/2 oz before he fussed. I’ve tried several different brands of bottles, different temperatures of my milk, frozen milk from different weeks of my stash, freshly expressed milk, different people giving him bottles. All the same reaction. Hoping I can comfortably get him to drink a whole bottle because Tuesday night we are going to a show.