New New Relationship

I started a new job this summer and fell for this guy from the moment i saw him like I was thinking "how are this attractive to me and why??". I started out by asking him to take me home from work and then i asked him out on a date may 29 and we went to the movies, and again the next day ( which we had sex); i think back to this day and think it was fast but i also see him all the time too. We've been dating for 12 days now and I still dont know what more to do with him like I like being with him all the time but I dont know how to like make conversation over the phone so we often dont call each other (because we both prefer in person convos) unless he's coming over. I want to be with for awhile (PREFERABLY A LONG WHILE) He's 6 yrs older than me (24) Im 18 and my family is strict and overprotective of me especially since I just graduated and will be going to college soon. I want to be with him while in college so I guess what I'm asking is #1: how can i communicate better with him, #2: are we going too fast, #3: i really want him to be with me for a long time how do i make more efforts towards such?

πŸ–€Some other things are that I know how bad his anger gets but he's still protective over me too, my mom says if i ever date someone to see them get mad in all basic situationsamd see if you still want to be with them(i do). He's really kind and like a joker but he also always concerns about if I'll get in trouble with my parents for coming home late and stuff like that(which i dont). We have mini dates during the week after work like going to 711 and grabbing food and just sitting and eating it. His pupils are always blown with me and he always tries to give me his undivided attentionπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–.