Help again lol


I feel like I'm always posting questions on here but oh well. So I'm in the middle of trying to night wean my 11 month old. I'm currently only offering water the first time he wakes up (4ish hours after he goes down) and then put him back in the crib to self-soothe back to sleep. Then, the second time he wakes, a few hours later, I nurse him. I've done this the last two nights and it's gone fairly well. Tomorrow I am going to deny him the boob the entire night and that'll be that - No more nursing at night.

As far as tonight goes, my husband put Emmett to bed because I was working so he offered him a bottle at 8pm before bedtime and Emmett didn't take any of it (usually he nurses well for me when I do bedtime which is about 80% of the time). Emmett had a decent dinner around 6pm. My question is: will he be okay waiting to eat anything until morning like 6 or 7am? I just need some reassurance. Thank you!