Help! "Morning" sickness!


I'm gonna start this with I haven't been given an OB or midwife yet so asking for a prescription is out unless I go to the er (which I'm very close to doing).

I'm having the worst nausea. I'm a pansy when it comes to feeling like I need to puke. I'll take puking my guts out daily over the feeling of needing to and not being able to.

The nausea is making me dizzy, hot, cold, weak and emotional. I have taken metoclopramide. I've eaten gin gins. Drank ginger tea. Ive tried the pregnancy pop candy. Peppermint. Saltines. Nothing is helping. Ive even tried to make myself puke to feel better and I can't. I feel like a giant is sitting on my chest at all times.

Give me any suggestions or remedies that has helped you ladies! I'm open to them all!