Cass • •Mrs. 💍 •27💕• 2/20/2011👦🏻, 12/14/17👧🏼, 1/6/20 👶🏼

So I have two wonderful children. My mom has been only asking out my oldest, never the youngest. They are 7 years apart(8&1). I thought maybe it was the age but my mom told everyone in my family that the reason she doesn’t care for my daughter(youngest) is I favor my daughter and give her more attention than my oldest and that she doesn’t care for her because she’s my husband’s child. Which isn’t true, she has only had more attention because she’s 1 and needs all care taken care for her, my son is 8 and can take care of himself more, we still try to do things that are just him and I but it’s hard to do a lot of. How can any grandparent just say oh I don’t care for their grandchild, and pick between 2 of them. Ugh 😑.