Babydaddy drama

Ok so i have 2 baby daddy's 2 kids with one and a baby with my current Boyfriend total of 3 kids. We are having issues bc my current Boyfriend doesn't want the father of my other 2 kids to como to the house when he does we always have arguments. Buts its not like he stays over he just picks them up sometimes he does come inside and waits on my kids.

It really took me a long time to get where we are bc after we broke up it was always fighting the thing is that my boyfriend doesn't understand that. I mean its my house and im not messing around with the other one so what is the issue?

i just feel like my boyfriend shouldn't have something to say or tell me he doesn't want him at my house. I do understand his side but its not like he contributes to any thing at my house im not saying he shouldn't have a saying in all of this but i just feel like after i let my boyfriend stay over a few times he thinks he runs my house my kids n my life

Am i wrong for putting a stop to this