I want to BUT should i? ***update***

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Hey everyone i just had a beach trip with my 3 little ones and my husband took these! I really want to post them but i have all his family on my social media and i feel like weird about it. On one hand I’m super proud of my body since i had my 3rd babe 5 months ago and lost 35 lbs but then again i don’t know how i feel about posting a “risky” photo . Maybe I’m too in my head ? What do you guys think?

Thank you for all of your insight and your sweet words! They are all thought of and i appreciate you all who took the time to read and comment and like! I end up posting the one of me smiling facing the camera and my husband actually gave me the push to do it. He tells me all the time to be proud of my body and i am constantly learning .

I posted this one with this caption :

I got so many words from fellow moms who just appreciated me embracing the skin I’m in . It really made me feel proud for posting and it made me want to keep empowering women of all shape/color/size even more !

We are all goddesses and remember: There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. We are all the true essence of beauty.