Not on my bed

Okay this may sound silly to some I suppose but my fiancé drives me crazy with his bad habits! We just got back from a 2 hour movie sitting in smelly chairs god knows what has spilled or bugs live in those things. I get home cuz it’s bed time and I jump in the shower and I come out and my fiancé is laid up under the covers on my side of the bed still wearing his clothes from the day. So I tell him to please get off and he thinks he’s being cute and playful and not taking the hint so I have to talk to him like a child for him to understand that germs are a real thing! And it’s good hygiene to either change and put on clean clothes before jumping into bed or shower. And now I’m mean and he’s mad cuz I’m crazy. Am I the only one that thinks it’s disgusting? And no my relationship is not failing and no need to compare my partner to your perfect partner. Just had to throw that out because some women can be very mean and judgmental on this thing.