Need to vent!

Ok, I’m not a single mother. My child’s father is 100% in the picture helping me etc. I’ve been wanting to get a job, but I know if I do I will NOT have any help whatsoever! Like don’t get me wrong or anything I have help! Like I do but everyone is busy literally busy. I do not trust a single soul at daycares I’ve heard TONS of story’s and the world is not the same as we once were(young) the world is literally scary. I do not want my son anywhere but here home w/someone that’s family! My man works mon-sat 7AM -9PM only day off is Sunday. So, I feel so useless when it comes to those things... I get called lazy for staying home. & I do want to go get a job or start school again(college). I want to go to school and do some sort of job. I’m so sick and tired of everyone telling me I’m lazy. Like I really want to work. & I hate I can’t trust no one these days... I wish the world wasn’t as bad as it is now w/shootings murders kids going missing, being followed. Like idk I just had to get this off my chest.

Leave comments or wtv. I honestly don’t give a shit at this point... I literally feel like shit