Just need some support and advise

I’m seriously considering separating from my husband and father of my child. We have had issues for a while. Money related, and all him. I stood by him and we worked it out. He then continues to go out with friends (which is fine) but always gets carried away. Never just has a few and comes home. He isn’t out all the time but he always just acts like I’m stopping him having fun. Last night he went out to a friends for 2 hours and 4 beers and said he would come home at 6.30. He did come home but then said he wanted to go back out. I asked him not to as he had work this morning and our 4 month old daughter was in a&e with a high temp the night before and still wasn’t right. So he took our dog a walk. He was away half an hour so I phoned him and he had gone to his friends anyway. He then wasn’t home by 9 so I tried phoning and finally got him, he had gone to the pub with our dog. I was so mad. I didn’t want him back in the house cause when he’s drunk he always causes a scene. I phoned his dad to see if he could go get my dog and bring him home and hoped he would take his son home. So anyway, I got my dog back and I locked the door. Woke up about 1.30 to a car outside and voices. My husband had gone to his dads and kicked off, he then left there so they got in the car and came to mine where they saw him standing outside my front door. My husband ended up shouting in the front garden calling his mum every name under the sun! He then ended up going to bed so I’m on the floor in the living room. He didn’t go to work, his parents don’t even want to see him but he didn’t care! I start a new job tomorrow after being on maternity leave so really don’t need this!! I don’t know what to do. He hasn’t changed every other time he said he would. I just feel lost and want to do what’s best but I just need some support. Has anyone else gone through this and gone on to find a healthy happy relationship. Has this happened and your partner got help and it all worked out?