Omg I knew it. My intuition was so right ( edit to add )


I for sure know my body. Got the best news ever about 20 mins ago.

With only two months of trying I just took a test and it came back positive!!!

We're pregnant!!!!

Baby dust to all!

I'm so happy šŸ˜Š baby number #2 is on its way. Will call doctors tomorrow to get an appointment. Telling fiance after he gets out of work! Took this test right after he left for work so now I have to keep quiet for 10 hours šŸ˜Š lol

Edit to add.

He came home early and I handed him the bag. He was all smiles and then opened it and said ah sh*t. Lol and then was confused when I bought the test. Wants me to do another to confirm it. Lol told him all my symptoms and said I'm going on 3 days late were definitely pregnant. He said cools with a smile and gave me a kiss. šŸ˜Š

I'm pretty sure he's happy about the new baby.

Second photo is right after he opened it