38 Weeks Today!🥳


I’m 38 and this past week has screwed it more and more into my head that this baby can literally come any day!😬‼️

From Monday onwards I’ve been nothing but nesting! Then on Thursday night I had my bloody show and mild cramps begin, followed by meeting with the midwife on Friday and having her confirm the baby’s head is COMPLETELY engaged! So in all fairness yesterday was pretty weird.😆🤞🏼 Braxton Hicks kicked up a bit of a fuss for a little while, while the baby’s head would not stop pressing against my cervix and making me squeal! (I don’t know about you guys, but I personally feel as if she’s stabbing my vag from the inside😩)

I’m simply so done with this pregnancy and ready to meet my girl! Seeing as I’ve woken up today (Sunday morn UK) feeling period pains and having tightenings I think I may be just starting off.. but you NEVER know!😬😬 If she does come tonight or tomorrow, let’s just say we’ll be birthday twins as well as mother and daughter!🤪 Typical!🤣🥳👏🏼