Multiple defects/Abnormalities - SUA, heart and kidneys


Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

We found out at 14 weeks that we had SUA (Single umbilical Artery) but that it was nothing to be too worried about.

At 20 weeks, we were told that it looks like baby only has 1 kidney and a hole in his heart.

NIPT testing all came back low risk earlier in pregnancy. Waiting for an appointment with a fetal medicine specialist, and Google either gives worst case scenario or posts of "my baby only ended up having SUA and was totally ok" or "Baby with just a hole in his heart is ok" or "Baby with 1 kidney is ok" nothing with multiple abnormalities. I know with just one of these things his chances or being ok are high, but with multiple problems I'm finding it really difficult to find any stories and am losing hope that our little man will be ok.