Positive induction story


I’d like to start off by saying throughout my entire pregnancy I was very nervous and skeptical of induction and that the birth of my first son was very traumatic on my body, he was born on his due date weighing 9 lb 1.5 oz which left me with 7 stitches and a cracked coccyx. I was pretty worried that with this pregnancy we’d be facing an even bigger baby and I started to worry about my body recovering PP. As we got closer to my due date we did a growth scan that estimated baby was 8.5 lb at 39 weeks, I was ecstatic! Had a membrane sweep at 40w 1 d and decided I wanted to proceed with an induction. My midwives were very support either way, but didn’t want me to get too far past my EDD.

6/20/19 I’m 40 + 3 we arrive at L&D at 7 at this point I’m 2-3 cm dilated 70% effaced with baby very low. Having sporadic fairly painless contractions every 10 minutes or so. Midwife comes in and breaks my water at 830 and my SO and I walk around the department for awhile. Within the next hour I’m having contractions approximately every 3 minutes lasting 30-40 seconds but manageable. My midwife advice was if you know you want an epidural don’t wait until you can’t bear it. At 1045 I got the epidural and felt fantastic. After the epidural my contractions slowed so we started a “whiff” of Pit and things jumped back into gear. I started to feel a bit nauseated from 1130-1230 and went from a 3-7 very quickly. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by how well I felt and how nicely things were progressing. Around 2 I was complete and started pushing and had the baby at 2:16! Only a small skin tear to stitch up! Our little guy ended up being 8 lb 9.5 oz and absolutely perfect. I can’t believe how great I feel and I’m so happy with my birth story. ❤️