Confused am I pregnant?

So I done 3 home pregnancy tests, on day 1,2 and day 3 of my missed period. 2 cheap ones and 1 clear blue all 3 positive... I went to hospital and they did urine test and it was negative then they did hcg blood test which showed I did have hcg in my blood and the number was 9.7 the doctor explained this was very low and it’s a grey area and to come back and test next week but shows there is activity of pregnancy as the blood test results would have shown 0. Come today I have started bleeding but not like a period it’s a lot lighter and not as flowing as my normal period. I’m so confused, could I still be pregnant, have I lost it or is this Normal I don’t have a doctors appointment booked until Tuesday. Just worried and anxious. I have medical conditions endometriosis, Crohn’s disease and over active thyroid. Any advise will really help me. Feeling confused and worried.