I want to see my baby


Since Being in my fertility clinic me and my husband were so use to seeing our little one every Monday. We graduated from our fertility clinic at 8 weeks of my pregnancy and that was the last time we have seen our little nugget. I’m at the end of my 9th week and I don’t see nugget again until July 15 when we do the Nachal Translucency Test. I just miss seeing my baby and strong heartbeat.

Back in the Caribbean where I’m from they give you an ultrasound every time you go in. I wish it was the same because the wait is killing me. I pray everyday that baby is growing healthy and strong I just want to see baby so I know everything is okay! There is nothing that has been going on that makes me feel that baby is not okay it’s just going from seeing baby every appointment to not every appointment kills me.

Has anyone else felt this way?