How to stop carrying about TTC? 😭


Today, after 7 months of TTC, AF showed her ugly face. Right on time, BBT dropped in the morning. As soon as I saw my temperature, I started sobbing. I didn't cry after first 3 months, but ever since than I feel depressed every month I didn't concieve. And it's only been 7 months. Not 7 years. MONTHS. And I'm only almost 27, my partner 33. We started doing first tests, everything good so far, I'll check my progesteron tommorow. But I'm not ok and I don't know where did this huge wish and need for a baby came from, but it's already taking every moment of my life, I can't seem to think about anything else. Shout out to all the women TTC for several years, I think you're the strongest women. I already think about quitting, and not even a year has passed. I need some help, some advice. How did some of you managed to relax about it?