My OB saw me last Wednesday and didn’t like that my blood pressure was 134 (it’s usually around 122) but it had been a particularly stressful week at work. She ordered me to go to the hospital triage and get checked out for possible induction if it was still elevated and if I was showing signs of preclampsia. After hours of tests everything came back normal and the nurse I had was completely fine sending me home, but the doctor wasn’t and she is adamant that she wants to induce me by the end of this coming week (i am 37 and 4 days today) Has anyone ever pushed back on this? Baby girl is completely healthy and isn’t showing any signs of distress. I don’t necessarily want to be induced early unless I absolutely need to, and I feel like they’re pushing me into it for no reason. I get that elevated blood pressure is an issue, but if it doesn’t stay high and everything else is normal, wouldn’t it be better to let her come naturally?