She's here!!

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On Wednesday night at 7pm I went in for a gentle induction, due to me being a vbac. The whole day I had been having light contractions so I thought this would work fast.

Anyways, we get there and get checked in. They poke me with five needles before getting the two IVs I needed in. (I needed two in case I had to go into surgery)

Around 8:30pm, after everything was set up, the doctor came in and explained we'd start with a foley bulb. He then checked me. I was 4cm and 75% effaced.

The nurses were getting the bulb ready, the whole time his hand is still inside me. And boy did it hurt. I was cramping the whole time. They put the bulb in and began putting water in it. (This part actually was more uncomfortable then painful, what hurt was his stupid man hand inside me) Around the time that they got the second balloon full my pain increased from like a 5 to an 8 real quit. My body decided it couldn't handle this and as soon as his hand was gone they raised the bed a bit and I proceeded to throw up. The whole time with non stop cramping pain.

After a while the pain died down but they still have me some medicine to help. Once I was good the doctor left.

The blub did bring on more contractions but nothing bad. Sometime in the night I sat up more which helped more contractions come.

Now let me just say before this I never wanted an epidural because I just don't like the feeling but after the whole throwing up I knew my body needed the extra pain relief.

At around 5am the midwife comes in and checks me, I'm 5cm now, so she decides to start pitocin.

Before this they have to get my epidural in.

I swear the epidural is the most uncomfortable thing ever.

My baby didn't really like this and her heart rate dropped so the midwife decided to go ahead and break my waters. I just felt a lot of warmth.

After they baby's heart rate went up they start me on level two pitocin. I feel pretty great at this point because I can't feel the contractions. And based on the monitor I was having a lot.

Around 8ish they check me again and I was 6cm. Once I got to 7cm they upped the pitocin.

Sometime around 1:30ish I started feeling a lot of pressure down there. I felt and urge to push so I called the nurse, she checked me and I was ready. I had to wait about 5-10 mins for the midwife.

After about 20-30mins of pushing and listening to the midwife my baby was born. She came out with her hands up causing me to tear.

I got to hold her while they stitched me up and even breastfeed a bit. It was a completely different experience than my C-section, and I would happily do it again.

Introducing my sweet girl: Elowyn Noelle Winter Wurst (born June 20th at 2:08)

Weighing 7pounds 11ounces and 20 ½ inches long.