Postpartum Preeclampsia


I just wanted to post about my experience, in hopes it might help someone else. I had the best, uncomplicated pregnancy, no issues at all. Gained 30 pounds. I had my perfect wonderful baby girl June 12 via emergency c section. I swelled like CRAZY. They told me it was normal to swell with c section since I was on an IV for like 36 hours. We got home from the hospital June 15, and my selling was worse. I also had a headache that wouldn’t go away. I called my doctor and she told me to take my blood pressure. Turns out it was dangerously high, so we were readmitted to the hospital, diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia. I did NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING!! It’s super dangerous, and can lead to really scary outcomes. I’m so thankful we got it under control. I was on magnesium for 24 hours, and we had to stay two nights for monitoring. Luckily I was able to keep Cameron with us, thank God!

Anyhoo just wanted to share. If you have these symptoms-call your doctor ASAP!!! ❤️ you may have high BP and not even know it!! So crazy.

Here’s a before and after of my feet. YOU ALL THAT IS NOT NORMAL!!

Thankfully we are home, and doing great!