Hi guyss, homestretch and I’m just counting down the days till little man is here.

Just a couple questions though

My dr’s office the last few months has been pretty backed up with all their patients. They have been using a new system and everything is all wonky.

I feel like every time I go there I’m rushed and I get overwhelmed and uncomfortable to where I can’t ask any questions, it also doesn’t help that I’m there by myself most of the time cause hubby doesn’t want to take time off till baby is here. BUT anyway,

How do you know if baby is breech or not? How do they know if he’s measuring on track???

I haven’t had an ultrasound since I was 18weeks and the only time my dr measured my belly was last week. Everyone says I’m Small for how far along I am.

Alsoooo, what’s everyone packing in their bags for the hospital? I know I still have time but I’d Rather be safe then sorry