Wondering what could be going on

Cheyenne • Cheyenne trambley

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive since February of 2018 without any luck done all the testing done everything that you're supposed to do

My husband has an appointment with a urologist on Monday because his semen analysis says he has a low count

What I'm trying to figure out is I have been taking my ovulation test like I should and I'm at nine days straight of it saying I have a high peak but I'm not hitting my ovulation and I've never had it last for 9 days straight it usually only goes for two or three and then I ovulate any opinions ideas what this could be?

My last cycle was way out of whack I was 6 days late I pinked for 2 days then had what seemed like a normal cycle

Except it lasted a day longer then it normally does and now I have 9 days of high ovulation test but not a Peak for actually ovulating ?????????????