No more sex life 😭

I’m really having a hard time in my relationship because of my partner won’t go near me for over a month now!

We lost our last pregnancy and he’s scared that cause baby has gotten bigger... that he’s going to hit it and hurt it...

I’ve explained everything to him, shown him pictures to explain it and told him sex is also good in pregnancy but he said he knows but just has a mental block about it!

I don’t know if he’s telling me the truth or it’s because my body is changing... been crying alone about this and tried a few things to interest him but nothing is working. Today I walked around the house naked and he called me sexy but didn’t get up or try anything.. 😭

I’m lost on what to do... the hormones have me crying emotional and also wanting to hit the bedroom again! If anyone has any ideas on what to do about this and him please voice it!


I want to stay anonymous here cause I feel embarrassed about the situation.

I haven’t been understanding of my partner because he he will go watch porn and fix himself, while we do nothing at all...

I use to have toys many years ago which he seemed jealous of and had asked me to bin. I did try to tell him I’m a little overwhelmed with my emotions as my hormones have me crying at everything (even toy story 4 last night). I’m hoping my doctor can speak with him at our next appointment and maybe hearing things from a doctor will help as he seem scared of everything I do.

I do believe the fear is from our last pregnancy we lost, as I had a double surgery for and cancer scare over. Thank you for the reply’s. I will start to try and see things from his shoes to