Did my husband lie/cheat?

In November of last year I had to fly back home to serve in my sister’s wedding. I was newly pregnant then and had a toddler as well. I took him with me because I’m a SAHM and my husband works. Well I was gone for a week, and my husband was super distant the entire time. I even FaceTimed him at the wedding because he wasn’t replying to my messages. This was the after party of course, I didn’t have my phone while I was walking. Anyways, I found it odd.

Well I let it go and when I came back home he was fixing the bed in the guest bedroom. I asked why he washed the sheets I assumed a friend came over to drink and slept in the bed. He blames the dog and said the dog peed in the bed. First off, the door stays closed to that room and the dog doesn’t have accidents very often and especially not on a bed. He never has. He’s 3 and we had him since he was a puppy. He sleeps in our bed at night as well.

I asked why the door was left open for the dog to go up there and roam and he said to get air flowing. Ok. Well the dog follows you everywhere you go. He won’t just roam off like that. Especially going upstairs by himself. He just doesnt. I’m a SAHM so I am with the dog 24/7. It’s safe to say I know him well. Maybe this one instance the dog really did do but I’m skeptical. My husband hasn’t given me much reason to not trust him but this seems far fetched and it adds up with him being weird and distant. Obviously I’ve asked a few times for the truth and he doesn’t budge. What do I do here? I have a terrible feeling he may have cheated and had sex in the guest bed instead of our bed because he felt guilty or something. I’m not sure.

What do I do in this situation? I have no proof, he could be telling the truth, I don’t want to keep bringing up the past but I still wonder about it to this day.

Also my husband isn’t a cleaner. He wouldn’t change bed sheets unless he absolutely had to. I do all of the cleaning. I’m just lost. I don’t want to forget about it and him be a cheater especially while I was pregnant.

*i have checked the records for that month/ and week I was gone and there’s a lot of random numbers but he is in the military so he usually has unknown numbers from different states due to everyone that’s in the military being displaced. The one number that stood out that called and texted him at 1am and 4am has a voicemail with a guys voice and name. He has a coworker with that name. So I’m not sure if that’s relevant or not.