I feel delusional..


I have an entirely long story so I apologize.

I've had 2 miscarriages confirmed.

June 25th 2018

December 23rd 2018

I went to a new doctor because of conflict with old gyno.

I was having odd spotting and pain instead of periods after my first.

I obviously got back on cycle by December

But recently discovered in April that I had level cin2 cells. We planned surgery May 13th 2019.

While this happened I apparently had got pregnant again.

By May 31st I was having abnormal bleeding and extreme cramping on my right side.

I was in and out of the er for that entire week.

Levels started




Then they started declining June 5th


By June 7th


I was told to go back Monday for a repeat.

I have taken several at home tests all still show faintly positive. I just took one moments ago. Faint but still positive.

I still feel pregnant despite the miscarriage diagnosis. I have every system but morning sickness.

I have really sore boobs, heartburn, fatigue, and my stomach is still extremely hard and starting to get a small baby bump.

I really feel crazy to believe that maybe my doctor misdiagnosed me. But also not delusional enough to think low levels in pregnancy as normal.

The only reason I've really questioned the outcome is the fact that my levels were a 33 and have not declined to 0 in the matter of a week and a half. Usually if they declined that fast it should be lower and not detectable on a at home test.

But I also had an extreme pain on my right side again yesterday. I worked through it, but a couple hours later I had a small bloody discharge that only lasted a couple hours.

I'm really confused and scared...

Just wondering if anyone has been through something similar...