No baby no heart beat :(

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I'm 7 weeks today as per glow. I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days and everything was in place as its supposed to be. So I scheduled another appointment at 7 weeks so that we can see the baby & hear heartbeat. So today I got the ultrasound. The technician found the amniotic sac and the blueberry sized yolk sac.. Couldn't spot baby and Doppler test didn't show any heartbeat.. She said the size of the sac suggests I'm 6 weeks only... So it's either this, or the pregnancy isn't developing... Either way I got another ultrasound scheduled in 3 days, Thursday, I'll be 7 weeks 4 days as per glow.. I was in tears Bcoz I had such high hopes for today... Even my husband broke down after we reached home... Dear ladies... Please tell me that it's normal and my baby's alright! Please!!!