Freaking out! Long rant.


So our son was supposed to start this particular preschool near us. The price was perfect, affordable and allowed us to afford to keep our sitter for our new addition due in December. Well a big screw you to us, the place closed down in April right after we found out we are pregnant. Then because we had planned on sending him there our sitter had decided she is ready to go back to work. So we started looking around. Everything around us is 2-250 a week for preschool, and 300 or more a week for an infant. I would literally be working to pay for childcare and keep our health insurance. My husband's income alone cannot support our household. Right now my paycheck covers our sitter ($1,000 a month), and our mortgage($950 a month) with very little left over. Our last resort is another private sitter who I hope is able to give me an affordable quote for either one or both. Or if we can even qualify tuition assistance to the one center that I love. The other issue is so many of the centers do not take infants! So I can get my son in once center 20 minutes south from my house which is the cheapest option rather than the one I loved, then drive a half hour to another town to drop off the baby at the sitter, then drive another 20 minutes to work in another town. Then repeat in the afternoon. I am so beyond worried and stressed right now. All of this because the only childcare center in our town closed down. Thank you to anyone who actually read this. Any advice because I am stressing out so badly over this.