Am I wrong for being upset??


So I just turned 36 weeks pregnant and I've said how tired/sore I have been this past week. A lot more emotional and less patience. I'm only 20 and my boyfriends 22 so I get that there is still some growing up to do and there is immaturity but I'm getting fed up. Every payment we have is made because I make sure they are paid on time. Even if they are his own payments. I've even had to cover for him at time and I make half the amount of money he does. His 1 week check is my 2 week check. He comes home and plays fortnite before even asking how my day Is or spending even 15 minutes just talking. He will NOT CLEAN unless I remind of things that need done or ask him. Even then he "forgets" half the time. (Never forgets to play fortnight or mindlessly scroll Facebook for hours) Now his buddy needed a job (the same guy weve been helping the past 3 years to get on his feet and he still needs help) so he gets him into his work and now he wants him to stay the night with us so that he doesnt have to wake up early to bring his friend to work?!?! I said no and he did it anyways. I'm SO FRUSTRATED. He takes care of this friend better than me and his own home and it's so upsetting. HE HASNT DONE ANYTHING ON HIS OWN THIS WHOLE PREGNANCY UNLESS I DO IT OR REMIND HIM 100X. NEVER DONE ANYTHING SPONTANIOUS OR NICE TO SHOW HE APPRECIATES ME. IM JUST SO FED UP. maybe I'm emotional and pregnant and need to rant but I'm so beyond fed up with the video games, bummy friends still needing us, and not being able to clean or make his payments without me. Ugh sorry it's so long I'm just pissed off

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