Recent car crash rant


So, May 15th my family and I, as well as a friend, got into a car crash where my car was deemed totaled. The female who drove the car was a 19 y/o who did not have a license, didn't have a blinker on and failed to yield while I had a solid green light. Luckily, her father had insurance on the car, but unfortunately, she decided to claim that it was our fault and that we ran a red light while she had a protected green arrow. So now we are fighting against it, with the police report stating how she didn't yield or have a license. And now I'm having to be put into a financial situation because this will take longer due to her filing a false claim. We finally got our insurance to pay off the previous car, and are getting a new one. But now my 10 m/o son has been more clingy, not able to sleep well at night, and resents his carseat. Having him checked out with a neurologist, and he has another appointment tomorrow morning. I'm already seeing a lawyer, so I'm doing at least that right. I'm just frustrated that this happened, and that its collapsing all at once for me.