would y’all be upset

so my boyfriend and i have been together for almost four years. My family has taken him on multiple vacations and allow him to stay the night.

his mom doesn’t like us spending the night and gets super mad. since last year they have been telling me i’ll finally get to go to florida with them and all this stuff. well my boyfriend ended up going to florida with his friends instead and that’s fine. we wanted to take a trip for ourselves but his mom said no (even tho we’re in college and would pay for ourselves)

they planned another trip at the end of summer during my birthday so it would be fun. well my boyfriend just told me other family is coming so i can’t go.

apparently there’s not enough room. that’s fine i guess but idk i’m just sad i’m gonna be all alone on my birthday and he’s gonna be on vacation. i’m not mad and i’m not gonna ask him to stay it’s just idk why but my birthday always makes me sad bc i wanna have fun but it never happens and i’m alone.