Help ya girl gain some

Rayven • I just wanna skip the next few years and be a momma and love life

Okay so basically I’ve always struggled with having problems gaining and keeping weight on. About 5 years ago I got super into off season pitching training and my whole family saw some huge improvements. Last year I took an entire year off of playing fast pitching. (still pitching weekly but only playing slow pitch so much less competitive)

I have recently hit my newest low since I’ve stopped growing in grade 9 of about 115lbs. Ideally I would love to be 120-130 because that’s the weight I was when I felt most confident.

I do go to the gym with my brother and it is ball season plus I work full time and have a pool I use at least once a week.

But does anyone have any tips for helping to out that little extra on???? In a healthy way of course! Everyone keeps telling me my weight is getting unhealthy