Late on Period!

I am 7 days late on my period, with no symptoms at all and my boobs are still “full” so to speak. I ovulated on June 4 i believe and did the deed on May 31 and June 3rd....ever since June 3rd i had cramping and it was really bad cramping the day I ovulated. Throughout the weeks i had like really bad gas like it felt like the gas was just sitting on top of my stomach right below my boobs or either in my lower abdomen/ pelvic area, even that was short lived and about two weeks ago i thought my period was gonna come but it didn’t instead there was brownish pinkish discharge like super light and it lasted only 2 days and I’ve had cramping and sore nipples but even those symptoms stopped of the (sore nipples and cramping) after a while and all of a sudden! If someone can give me advice that would be great! Also, stories if you ladies have been in a similar situation, what was the outcome for you?