How to do I cry when I feel numb💔I’m hurt I feel so empty I just want to die I’m tired of feeling this way every single day I have no more tears to cry I’m done so done I can’t be in this abusive relationship you don’t care you told me to die you told me to burn in hell ive never been stable and you make fun of me you make fun of me because I was raped because I don’t have a dad that loves me because I don’t have a mom who cares for me ands a meth head you tell me nobody wants me I’m ugly worthless and that you can do so much better I even wanted a baby with you at one point why? Why I don’t know?!!!? I don’t know why I’m not good enough I’m scared to leave I’m scared to be alone I have no one to care for me I have no one that loves me why did I even get brought into this world I was a mistake I was not meant to be here💔I hate myself I hate my life I just don’t want to be alive anymore I’ve had all I can physically and emotionally can take!!!!!!