When they test you for a UTI, would it come up as chlamydia if that's what you had?

Recently I had sex with my boyfriend. I'm prone to getting UTI'S🙄 two days after we had sex I started feeling the frequent urge to pee, the burning while peeing (barely peeing), and when I would wipe there would be blood. I've had UTI'S before and this is definitely what it's felt like in the past. I've been on antibiotics for 3 days now and I'm still having a burning sensation... my friend told me that when she had chlamydia, she had uti symptoms. So I was wondering. Whenever they tested my urine, she came back and said I had some bacteria in it... if it wouldve been chlamydia would my uti test came back negative??

*We've both been tested BUT here goes my dumb overthinking self like.. "why have I been taking the antibiotics for three days and I'm still having some burning. I must have a std or cancer or I'm probably dying🙄🤦🏽‍♀️"

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