What is going on

Mia • Pregnant with my rainbow baby due 10/2019 2 angel babies 👼👼

Ladies, I know were not doctors, but I went to California for 5 days, and the day before we left I noticed I had what looked like heat rashes on my left leg, I thought nothing of it because I get heat rash fairly easily. Well now, the day after I got back from Cali, my right leg is being weird, my thigh has been itching pretty bad and when i looked it was just red, but a few hours later this bruise started coming in along with these red spots, and my right calf is itchy and discolored. What could it be? Should I call my doctor just in case and explain?

Anything helps I'm a FTM so I really just dont know, baby is moving around alot just like usual.

My left leg the day before we left 👆

My right leg now👇