I'm not freaking out now. Yeah!


At the end of April, my period was two and a half days late. I am SUPER regular. We have been trying for years, so I naturally thought I was pregnant. Home tests said no. Period started on a Wednesday afternoon when it was supposed to start on that Sunday. I was devestated.

Anyway, I finally got an appointment with a doctor to discuss what the hold up is with baby making (not having insurance, couldn't pay a bill then to make an appointment, husband changed jobs, etc. were some reasons for the delay)

Fertility workup was started, and we went on with business as usual.

My period was supposed to start yesterday. I had horrific back pain that prompted a trip to Urgent Care. They sent me home with mild medication. I don't think they checked to see if I was pregnant.

Anyway, my period is a little late for me for the second time in three months. I am NOT freaking out this time. Hooray for progress!

Thanks for reading my post that was too long. :)