Keeping frozen goods in the fridge

I buy my grandparents frozen TV dinners. It's easy and different from their usual Meals on Wheels. My papa has severe dementia and will take the food out of the freezer and hide it in cupboards and my grandma will try to make room in the freezer by putting them in the fridge so basically everything I buy thaws. My question is, are they still good? I instantly throw away the ones that have been sitting out in the cupboard obviously. I looked online and could only find that it ruins the texture but not if it spoils or anything.

Also I bought a very big family size lasagna that I was going to make for them but of course they put it in the fridge and now it's all thawed. Would you still make it?

Bonus question: has anyone else dealt with this type of thing with dementia? I'm running out of ideas on how to keep them fed becuase everything goes bad.