Baby #2


Hi All Mamas!! My husband and I have been trying for #2 for a little while. It seemed like my hormones were goofy for some time too tho. Won’t go into too much detail, but previous ovulation tests didn’t show high or peak fertility so I had my hormones tested- doctor said everything came out fine. Tested this time while we traveled to Europe and I had a week of high fertility days before I ran out of tests and never new whether or not I had a peak day. About a week ago I felt very pregnant- breasts were starting to hurt, I got a metallic taste in my mouth and weird dreams all like my first pregnancy. A few days later I felt like my pregnancy symptoms disappeared. Now it’s only a few days before my missed period (I think, periods are slightly irregular) and this is my test result. First pregnancy it was so much darker and I tested even earlier then. What do you all think of this result? Positive or negative? Should I test again in a few days? Feeling kind of sad that maybe I could be having a miscarriage.