Cramping two weeks before ovulating...

I just got off my period the 24th. It lasted 7 days as usual. I’m having mild cramping, although it’s mild it’s definitely there and it’s slightly uncomfortable which I’m used to a few days before I ovulate not two weeks. (Had then since yesterday, last only moments than gone) I took a ovulation test for the helluvit yesterday and it was super faint so I knew there’s just no way I could be ovulating early. I’m in my proliferative phase so that means I have a few eggs cooking up rn before the dominant one drops. So I know it’s prolly nothing to worry about. But I usually don’t get ovulation cramps two weeks before ovulating. Anyone else have a 32-36 day cycle and cramp right after their period?

Here’s my calendar It’s obviously the 27th of June. Old screenshot.

And here’s the Negative test from yesterday, prolly gonna test again this afternoon.