So I went to the Er last night for tightening in my stomach. & thought it was just the baby balling up but it seems I was having really mild and irregular “comtractions” they monitored me for an hour. They gave me an enema because they said my stomach was so tight and I haven’t made a bowl movement in a couple of days. Baby kept trying to kick the monitor off the entire time lol. Anywho, I take a stool softener with my prenatals it’s included inside so I’m confused on why I’m making less bowl movements.. but they said it wa so tight that whenever I did have a contraction that it was irritability in between causing the muscle to tighten as it did. They never gave me a direct answer that i would have liked to hear like “it was just Braxton hicks” or anything they just made me take some type of medicine I forgot what it was called and they gave me an enema and basically said that’s what was causing the contractions.. anyone been through this? They weren’t painful I didn’t even feel them honestly I didn’t even know I just went in for tightening throughout the day. But I was always informed it was her just balling up..