Do I have to let hubby in for the birth?

Zoe • 🌈 Ttc after twin loss 🌈🥺

Okay, so I will probably get judgment for this. And I’m not even pregnant yet, but been TTC for what feels like forever. But hear me out. So my hubby is very grossed out, very very easily. And he always comments on how after a women gives birth she will be loose. Etc. (not true, kegels can help to tighten you back up) any way. So I don’t want him to see any of my stuff stretch and him to think that I’m less sexy in that way. Also. When I am in pain, I don’t like to be bothered. When I’m in pain, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want touched, i don’t even want people near me. (I know the doctors will be near me, can’t do anything about that) and I would really prefer not to get an epidural or meds. And I know as soon as he sees me in pain that he will try to force me to get meds. And he would be welcome into the room the second the baby is out.