Mental health issue


Does anyone have experience dealing with someone who is possibly bi polar or has some other sort of mental health issue? My brother is clearly dealing with something but refuses to think he needs help. He believes everything is everyone else’s fault and that everyone else is crazy not him. He’s been drinking a lot as well which has caused him to have moments of black outs. One including cursing out the neighbors.. he lives with my parents and is super disrespectful towards them but again thinks he is entitled to act how he wants even as they feed him and let him live there for free. He has not worked for 9 months now. We never know what kind of mood he is going to be in and always have to tip toe around him and his emotions. He also has no empathy what so ever. My family

Is at a loss of what to do. My parents refuse to call the cops when he is acting out because he is their son and they can’t bare to see him taken away. Like I said he refuses to go see a doctor or therapist because he think there is nothing wrong with him. Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this or how to help him get help? It’s putting so much stress on my family.