Have no friends to vent to..


I kind of miss being able to dress how I wanted.

I can't wear anything remotely dark/edgy because my boyfriend says I look unattractive and I tricked him as I never used to wear that when I got with him and he doesn't like it.

He doesn't like me wearing shorts or crop tops unless I'm with him as he classes it as respect (I'm pregnant at the moment but I'm thinking about next summer and how overheated I'm goint to be).

I've told him as I've turned 18 if I wanted to I could go out for a few drinks with my sister and obviously you want to look good for that, but again. I can't wear anything he doesn't approve of and he said he'll get our daughter taken off me because he's not having a "drunk" around her (he's 22 ans already done the partying phase but I literally said 1/2 drinks and I'd stop)..

I can't say anything to him because he says I'm being disrespectful and acting single and I just don't know what to do.. I haven't got the strength to fight over it but it's making me sad seeing cute clothes I can't ever wear because he doesn't approve.