Baby Mamas a joke 🤦🏼‍♀️

Haley • Baby #1 due 01/13/2020

So my boyfriend has a 15 month old son from a previous relationship. To spare some time I’ll just tell you that she lied about being on birth control. I’m currently 11w3d with our baby but the baby mom isn’t allowed to know until a paper for child support and shared custody is signed. Anyways, she has tried multiple times to get my bf to break up with me because she wants them to be together. Obviously he’s told her time and time again that’s not happening but he has to play nice with her until she signs. Yesterday she had the audacity to call him and ask ONLY HIM to go to a 4th of July celebration my hometown puts on with her and her friends/ friends husbands and kids. 🙄 I’m not sure why she thinks this is okay. He told her no because he said we would probably be doing something but what I don’t understand is why she keeps trying. It’s to the point now that I’m getting super pissed off about it. I’m ready for the papers to be signed so we only have to deal with her when it pertains to his son.