Vacation without babies...feeling guilty


Ok mamas... having major mom guilt and anxiety over here!! :(

We have a 2.5 yr old and an 8 month and have not had any husband/wife time for ourselves since before our daughter was born and my husband planned a little end of summer trip to Vegas for us that would have me leave our babies for 4days/3nights total.

My mom is absolutely excellent with our kids and my daughter has spent nights there and is totally fine but my 8 month old is a total breastfeed baby (only two solid meals a day) and is going through sleep issues now and will ONLY sleep if I’m holding him in my bed and he has all night access to the boob. I’m so worried he will panic when I’m gone for 3 nights.

During the day he will take pumped bottles just fine but night time he won’t even take a bottle and go to sleep for his dad he will overeat and cry for an hour. I feel awful if he is panicking without me and my mom is stuck with a crying baby when I’m two states away!

Any advice?