Yet another "is this signs of labor?"


Hello you lovely gorgeous mommas. This is yet another post of, "are these labor signs?" So I will try to make this short and simple. I did post a "feeling odd" post yesterday I think??? Idk. I'm a FTM so I am curious.

The past 2 days I have been having some achey pains in my lower belly. Nothing bad, very few like "ouch that hurts" cramps. I have had pressure like I need to poop so I go and half the time either only (TMI) 1 poop comes out or nothing. I've lost huge chunks of my mucus plug. It has been yellow, no blood that I have seen. I haven't felt the tightening internally but I can feel it with my hands and see it. I haven't noticed anything enough to time it. The aches are constant though. And omg my nipples hurt so bad.

I am 38+4 so everything gives me a "OMG IS THIS LABOR SIGNS? IS HE COMING?" feeling. Am I still in the clear to attack my fiance once more before we won't be able to have sex for a while?? Thanks loves. ❤