Endocrine Disorder, feeling alone


I always knew that people with chronic illnesses dealt with depression and anxiety, but I didn’t really understand the severity of feeling so alone until it happened to me. My whole life I’ve had mental health issues (I’m starting to think it’s actually caused by my endocrine problems) and now I’m having an increasing amount of endocrine issues. I was diagnosed PCOS a long time ago because of my completely off the charts and out of balance LH/FSH levels, but no cysts showed on any ultrasounds. I’m seeing an endocrinologist, but I’m playing the waiting game and still doing diagnostic testing. I had about 20 vials of blood taken, plus a thyroid ultrasound. My WBC count was up and my platelet count went down. I’m probably going to go ice my doctor to do an MRI for my pituitary and a bone density test. I’m currently on FMLA/STD because my job is stressful and more stress=more endocrine problems and I already have an anxiety disorder. It makes the loneliness all more apparent. My mom is loving, but doesn’t understand. I have good doctors, but even my mental health therapist is completely out of loop with this kind of stuff. She said “why would you have growth hormone issues? You’re 30.” Like, what? I’m starting to think I have McCune Albright Syndrome (I also have huge cafe au lait birthmarks), a mild case. The G protein was officially discovered the year AFTER I was tested for endocrine issues as a child, so I missed the mark on being checked for a whole slew of disorders. I feel like I’m going crazy, but I know I’m not. Does anyone else deal with these endocrine issues? How long did it take you to get a good diagnosis (aka I’m not taking BC pills because I think that’s only covering up a symptom of the bigger picture)? How many specialists and second opinions did you get? This is really an open discussion, even if you have an adrenal issue, pituitary issue, etc.