Adulting sucks...

Anyone else over all these bills we have as adults? Lol Got the water bill and the internet bill in today... BOTH was $130 EACH! 😫 Our water bill went to 100% last year to help the city pay for upgrades. I do 3-4 loads of laundry a week, dishes by hand, and have four people that take daily showers. Went from $40 bills to $130... this can’t be life. 😂

The internet bill came in at $130 today too. Which threw me for a loop. It went from $40, to $45, to $50, to now $130 for the month of July? 😫 They said it’s due to data overages, which I don’t see how when I haven’t changed how we use our data. Been with AT&T for over a year now and never went over data. Now they tell me only way to adjust my bill is if o add on a cable package. 😞 If I don’t I have to pay the full $130 which I believe is a mistake.

I’m going to pull up my pants and wipe those tears and pay these high ass bills. These are only two of the 4 I pay for. I’m so over it already.

First world problems I know, just needed to rant a bit is all!