Breech Birth 🤔

Devon 💞 2 Sons 6 & 2 👣Baby Grayson born 7-13-19 •

How many of you would consider a breech birth if your doctor had experience with it? Would you feel comfortable or would you decide to have a C-section and veer on the safer side?

I found out my son is sitting breech at my 37 week appointment yesterday and they plan to try and manually turn him tomorrow at the hospital if he hasn't flipped on his own @ 37+2.

What blew me away, was at my appointment, my doctor told me because I've had 2 successful vaginal deliveries before, that I am a great candidate for a breech birth, depending on his breech position, if he doesn't turn. 😬🥺

So, this scared the bejesus out of me, honestly...Probably because I'm ignorant on the subject other than having heard how dangerous it can potentially be. 🤷

Curious on others thoughts on this subject..